2012: Voting May Seem Meaningless, But Never Is

The single most asked question this election season just may be: “Does it really matter if I vote?” Whether the question arises because of individuals feeling that they cannot make a difference or because of the huge similarity between Obama and Romney, the answer is the same. Yes. Your vote does count. Do you want to send a message by not voting for Obama or Romney? Then I urge you to take a look at the third-party candidates, I assure you, one of them will satisfy your political agenda/ideology.

By not casting your ballot, you forfeit your right to complain about the choices of the next administration. Although, you most likely will still complain even if you cast a ballot.

Its been said that people vote for the lesser of two evils. My parents have said it, I’ve thought about it, and a lot of people do it. But evil is still evil. If you truly believe that neither Obama or Romney are fit to be the next president, then don’t vote for them. But please vote. Voting for someone else is ten times more American than staying at home and not exercising your right to influence the direction of this great country’s government and policies. Also, there are most certainly more important elections going on in your district than the presidential race.

That being said. M’urica. Go vote November 6th.

-Jack Balt

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