About Me

My name is Jack Balt and I live in northeastern MN (Yes, its extremely cold in the winter).

Duluth’s Lift Bridge

I’m very interested in Web Design, blogging, and all other cliche things one could write on a website. I am currently a college student studying electrical engineering. I am extremely interested in politics, history, and academia. I suppose I should mention video games as well, although I don’t play as much as I used to (which is probably a blessing).

I maintain a modest you tube channel which mostly contains older lyric videos and random game play clips. You can check that out here.

Yes, I’m on facebook and twitter and even myspace, although I’m about 100% positive that I do not remember the myspace login. No real big loss there.

If you ever need anything, or want to just drop me a line, send me an email at thejackbalt@gmail.com

You can donate using the donate button below. Donations are always welcome and are used to maintain my various websites and materials.