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My 5-Year Finance Plan (And A Lofty Goal)

Today I turned 25. To me, its a scary number. Even if I were to live to be 100, that’s 25% of my life behind me. Despite my relative youth, I feel like time is running out. Its safe to

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Revamping the Website

Greetings everyone! Quick note: In the coming two to three months, I will be revamping this blog and website and begin to regularly post articles and content again. Its been a long time since I last wrote or checked in

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The Rise of Solar PV

As a former masters student who studied power systems for nearly five years, solar is currently one of those hot buzz topics in academic literature, university projects, and optimistic energy media sources. There has been widespread optimism concerning solar PV

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Endorsing Bernie Sanders

Only a few years ago, I never would have imagined supporting a Democratic-Socialist in 2016. My political philosophy has seen many major changes over the last five years of life and college. During my late teenage years, I was an

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It’s Time To Fire Your Represenative

That magical time is almost upon us. In a little over a month, we all have the opportunity to fire members of the House of Representatives and some Senators by choosing to not re-elect them. Anyone who has read some

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All Aboard The Shadows of Mordor Hype Train

I haven’t paid full price for a video game in over four years. It may even be longer, but ever since life has become busier and money tighter, I’ve mostly resorted to splurging on Steam Sales and snagging Humble Bundles.

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Packers Can Not Afford To Lose At Soldier Field

The Green Bay Packers are once again off to a slow and disappointing start to the season. Coming in as a potential Super Bowl contender, the Rodgers led squad has looked more like they will be struggling down the stretch

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Hyrule Warriors Launched Today, September 26th 2014

As I wrote the title, it occurred to me that it may come off as sounding like some historic event that took place. Maybe it has, but the launch of Hyrule Warriors is not that noteworthy. That being said, I’m

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Steam Moving In The Right Direction

If you are one of the thousand of daily steam users, you definitely have noticed the recent layout changes. Steam looks sharper, crisper, and beautiful. The skin definitely needed a face lift, and I cannot imagine a better visual solution

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HIMYM Season Nine Hits Netflix, Soon To Re-depress Many

Is it just me, or does it seem like there have been a decent amount of additions to the Netflix library over the last few weeks? My watch list has definitely grown and I’ve been really enjoying ploughing through what

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