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I Walk A Lonely Road

The only one that I have ever known. Kind of. I’m feeling a bit personal this morning, maybe its the dark, muggy weather, but I feel like sharing something that I’ve found out about myself and many other college students

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Tips For A Successful School Year

Labor Day has come and passed, and per usual, it marks the end of summer for most college students. Returning to school means a lot of different things: an end to a long vacation, saying goodbye to summer coworkers and

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Student Loan Rates Set To Double July 1st

It’s crunch time in Congress again, and many are calling it the next financial doomsday. Same shit, different day I guess. Who remembers the financial ceiling debacle? Congress sure took their time on that. Same with just about every other

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Yahoo And Other Are Just Now Recognizing “The College Scam.”

It absolutely astounds me that it has taken this long for major “news” groups to come out and publish literature outlining the many reasons that college is a scam. Ask any current or recent student. A year’s worth of engineering

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Ten Bucks Says Your Bracket Is B-B-B Busted!

Well, it sure has been an unpredictable year in college basketball. It just makes sense that this year’s NCAA Division I Tournament should be just as unpredictable. A few days ago in my college statistics course, the professor relayed to us

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Five Books Every High School Student Should Read

There are some books that deserved to be read. Not only because they are classics, but because without reading them, you will be out of touch with a lot of your college peers. Even if you’re not college-bound, reading never

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Combating Rising College Tuition

It cannot be denied. The price of a college education has skyrocketed over the last few decades. What used to be only a slight financial burden is now a near impossible hurdle for less-than-well off families. How can someone whose

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Choosing A College: All Things Considered

College is now seen as a crucial stepping stone in life for anyone who wants to be successful. It’s looked at as a natural step after high school that nearly everyone with a high school diploma should willingly take. Well, if

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John Oliver Delivers A Spectacular Show At Michigan Tech

Just yesterday, John Oliver of the Daily Show ventured up to Houghton, Michigan and gave a brilliant performance. This is the first time I’ve seen John Oliver live, and he didn’t disappoint. His jokes were witty and in good taste. While

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