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Tips For A Successful School Year

Labor Day has come and passed, and per usual, it marks the end of summer for most college students. Returning to school means a lot of different things: an end to a long vacation, saying goodbye to summer coworkers and

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Writing Myths And Other Common Nonsense

Many of us have at one point or the other sought advice on the internet. Whether it was how to start writing, how to make money writing, or another writing related curiosity, most of us have come across the same

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The Most Annoying Songs

“Hey there, want to hear this great song about a kitty that features repetitive lyrics, cat sounds, and lines that just don’t make much sense at all?” “Sure, absolutely I would,” said no one ever. Have you already guessed which

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War Movies: The Modern Classics

When you think about classic war movies, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, and maybe even Deer Hunter come to mind. They are all classics in their own right. Exceptional war movies all around. There are many more and for as long as we live war

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The Case For Jesse Ventura 2016

It’s not new news: Jesse Ventura will give “heavy consideration” to running in 2016 if grassroots supporters get him on the ballot in each and every state. There have been valiant efforts to collect required signatures and meet the requirements

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Student Loan Rates Set To Double July 1st

It’s crunch time in Congress again, and many are calling it the next financial doomsday. Same shit, different day I guess. Who remembers the financial ceiling debacle? Congress sure took their time on that. Same with just about every other

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NSA Snooping Should Be No Surprise

So, the NSA is reading our emails, listening to our phone calls, and possibly sifting through our text messages. Is anyone actually surprised? You shouldn’t be. We live in a nation where slowly violating our civil liberties has become the norm. Libertarians

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Yahoo And Other Are Just Now Recognizing “The College Scam.”

It absolutely astounds me that it has taken this long for major “news” groups to come out and publish literature outlining the many reasons that college is a scam. Ask any current or recent student. A year’s worth of engineering

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The Productive Guide to Reddit

Is it just me, or is Reddit becoming the next big internet time-waster? Either that or the world’s largest porn dump. Remember the days when Reddit was chalk full of great subreddits and submissions? Okay, maybe Reddit has never been

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Rand Paul Is Not His Father

As admirable as an old-fashioned filibuster is, how can that alone be enough to propel Rand Paul’s name to the top-tier of potential GOP candidates for 2016? Until this last election, Rand Paul was an afterthought in the senate. No one seriously

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