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Packers Can Not Afford To Lose At Soldier Field

The Green Bay Packers are once again off to a slow and disappointing start to the season. Coming in as a potential Super Bowl contender, the Rodgers led squad has looked more like they will be struggling down the stretch

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Bruins’ Monumental Collapse Makes Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions

Tonight will not be forgotten for many years in Boston. Not among hockey enthusiasts and Bruins fans. In a game that was some of the best hockey of the playoffs through the first two periods, it turned into a major

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Ten Bucks Says Your Bracket Is B-B-B Busted!

Well, it sure has been an unpredictable year in college basketball. It just makes sense that this year’s NCAA Division I Tournament should be just as¬†unpredictable. A few days ago in my college statistics course, the professor relayed to us

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I’m Blind and Deaf, I’m a Replacement Ref!

Remember the story about the straw that broke the camel’s back? Well it came last night in terms of “tolerance” for the NFL replacement refs. An absolutely egregious call in my book came at the end of the Packers-Seahawks Monday

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