How Many Unique Visitors Should My Website Have?

A lot of new web developers and site owners find themselves asking this question within the first month of launching a site. First of all, what is a unique visitor. Well, a unique visitor is essentially what it sounds like, a unique individual who has visited your site. Most basic web site traffic statistics use this as a primary measure of your sites performance. So how many unique visitors should your website have? How many unique visitors is “good?”

Well, like most things, it depends on the situation. New site, those less than three months old, certainly shouldn’t expect too many unique visitors unless you’re publishing a lot of new content very quickly or you are bringing over a pre-established audience. In fact, most sites will hardly have over 100 unique visitors the first month they are up.

If your site is an active blog and you want to measure your success, here is an outline of how many unique visitors you should have depending on your desires success level:

0-1000: Relatively new, unheard of blog.

1000-5000: Modestly successful blog, beginning to attract a loyal following. <-Monetization should begin at this point.

5000-20000Success, you’ve established a popular blog!

20000+: You’ve reached the mark that most bloggers dream of, but never achieve. This is about 700 unique visitors per day.

*All numbers represent unique visitors per month.

90% of all active bloggers fall into the first category, and less than 1% of blogs out there get 20,000 unique views per month.

Websites typically follow the same distribution, but it can be easier to attract a loyal following if you generate a site with extremely useful information that doesn’t have to be updated or posted again and again. There are many ways to increase the number of unique visitors your blog/site receives, for some ideas, please check out my post, Driving Traffic To Your Site.


-Jack Balt

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