How To Become An Author

Many people dream of sitting down and writing a bestseller. Ninety-nine percent of those people never do. If you have ever considered becoming an author, or just writing on the side, I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely possible. Now, how successful you are depends on the amount of effort you put into your work and how well you market your “bestseller.”

Let’s start at the beginning. In order to be an author of any kind, you must write! A lot. One of those most common suggestions out there is to keep a daily journal/diary. Sure, its a good way to make sure you practice writing every day, but I would suggest that you start a blog instead. If you’re feeling ambitious, do both! It really never hurts going the extra mile. If you need any help starting a blog check out my previous post: So You Want To Start A Blog.

Blogging will be a good way to work on your prose, and to possibly generate book ideas. You wouldn’t believe how many stories and ebooks started as an idea from a blog post.

The whole idea is that you need to be actively writing to not only refine your skills, but to become familiar with different styles and get a feel for what you might write about.

If you are ready to start your first book, go for it! The best way for an amateur (take no offense, we’re all amateurs here) author to publish their work is self-publishing. eBooks and self-publishing has fundamentally changed the world of writing. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can publish practically anything they want. Check out sites like Smashwords and Lulu for more specific details on the self-publishing process.

Essentially, you will create your story in a normal text editor (word, notepad, pages). Once your story is complete and edited  you will need to modify it a bit to get it into the proper format for eBook readers.

The only thing stopping you now is yourself. Sit down, and start writing. So many people always talk about writing that book, be the one who takes control of their goals and do it.

-Jack Balt

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