Ideal Communism: Not As Bad As You Think

Communism gets a bad rap. With the Cold War and all, Communism is probably the most hated ideology in the world, slightly more hated than socialism in America. But I’ve never really understood this. My teachers always taught Communism like it was the brainchild of the devil. No, they weren’t claiming Karl Marx was a spawn of Satan. It only felt like they were.

Most people never sit back and think about the implications of Communism. All we ever hear are the negative stories about how bad the Communist lifestyle is in North Korea, China, and Soviet Russia. Yes, I will agree that Communism has not worked wonders in those countries. In fact, it wreaked havoc in Soviet Russia. Those were all failures. No one to date has perfectly implemented communism on a state scale.

Think about switching to a Communist lifestyle in a small community. What could be more beautiful than sharing all of the work and sharing the benefits that come from that work. Everyone has the same stake, and everyone is taken care of, as long as the community is successful. But it will never work like this on a large scale, and maybe its never meant to. But I’m sure it could see success on a small scale, and the ultimate idea behind it is quite novel.

Now, I’m not advocating that Communism is the right choice or even a good choice. Its interesting and worth taking a look at on a small-scale. The only reason I’m opposed to Communism is because I favor a free society. That’s not to say that Communism is slavery or anything, I just prefer the idea that you can wake up in the morning and effectively choose your own fate in this world. Make your own success.

Go forth and enjoy!

-Jack Balt

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