It’s Time To Fire Your Represenative

That magical time is almost upon us. In a little over a month, we all have the opportunity to fire members of the House of Representatives and some Senators by choosing to not re-elect them. Anyone who has read some of my earliest content probably has ascertained that I have zero respect for most of our politicians, and I highly recommend that everyone does some critical thinking when it comes to casting this year’s vote.

Historically, the last few Congress’s approval ratings have been abysmal. Stinking bag of poop on fire on your porch bad. And yet, I’m willing to bet that the incumbency factor will remain quite high per usual. This is not acceptable. Too many people fall into the trap of thinking that while Congress at large is terrible, that there Representative or Senator is doing a swell job. I used to bait my friends into admitting this and would then point out the fact that practically every one thinks like that.

Secondly, blindly voting down party lines is a trap in itself. I’m not a Republican, a Democrat, or anything you can really label I suppose and will not tell you how to vote. But ask yourself, why are you voting for this person? Where do they stand on the issues that matter to me? What are they going to do to make my life better? Don’t merely check to see their political affiliation and vote them through. That’s what both parties want you to do.

All in all, it is my express opinion that there really are not too many differences between Republicans and Democrats these days, at least at the Federal level. Sure, there are some polarizing issues that lend to the fictional scenario of a wide philosophical gap, but I’ll be damned if it ain’t just more of the same. So, vote with your head. And if you really don’t like any of the candidates don’t sit at home. Walk into the polling both and write in “No Confidence.” Because America.

Jack Balt

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