John Oliver Delivers A Spectacular Show At Michigan Tech

Just yesterday, John Oliver of the Daily Show ventured up to Houghton, Michigan and gave a brilliant performance.

This is the first time I’ve seen John Oliver live, and he didn’t disappoint. His jokes were witty and in good taste. While a lot of the show is most definitely a regurgitation of his other shows, I was really impressed with his audience interaction and custom-tailored jokes.

Apparently, some Yoopers must not have been familiar with John Oliver, as i noticed a few “old” couples get up and leave after the fifth or sixth f-bomb (probably a minute or so into the show). Admittedly, I would not have attended if Oliver’s usual political jokes weren’t liberal leaning, but he only spent a minute or so berating Romney and most of the script was devoid of politics.

Oliver’s funny and energetic performance earned him a boisterous standing ovation and certainly a few new fans from Yooperville.

-Jack Balt

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