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Merry Christmas!

Sincerely wishing each and every one of my readers a Merry Christmas! Regardless of your religion, race, creed, or whatever, take some time to realize the gifts and blessing in your life. I hope everyone has ample time to spend

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Minnesota’s Proposed Amendments May Offer Insight To The Country

An interesting discussion is happening in Minnesota this election season, as voters will have to decide on two key issues. Gay marriage, and a voter identification. Before I go any further let me share with you the exact verbage that

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2012: Voting May Seem Meaningless, But Never Is

The single most asked question this election season just may be: “Does it really matter if I vote?” Whether the question arises because of individuals feeling that they cannot make a difference or because of the huge similarity between Obama and Romney, the

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Forcing Our Hand: The Illusion of Choice

After watching the first presidential debate, I have to wonder how much more substance and depth a third party candidate would have added to the general conversation. Let’s be honest, there really isn’t a whole lot of substantive differences between

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First Presidential Debate Avoids Key Issues

The first presidential debate took place last week and it left much to be desired. Republicans were happily surprised with Romney’s performance and it was obvious that Obama’s confidence in his debating prowess proved to be his undoing as he

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What To Expect From The First Presidential Debate

Folks, its almost upon us. Next Wednesday night will mark the beginning of the end of this election cycle. With a little over a month left, these debates could have a crucial impact on the race, and who wins in November. But

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Why Romney’s Favorability Rating Should Be No Surpise

It has been recently reported that Mitt Romney has the lowest favorabilty rating of any presidential nominee in modern history. Any. Meaning lower than McCain, Kerry, Gore, Dole, and the rest of the losers of the big election. But this

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A Meaningless Election

Okay, okay, no election is absolutely meaningless (only mostly meaningless). But Nov. 6th will be a day when the American people think they have a choice. In fact, we thought we had a choice in ’08 too. We chose Obama

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