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Minnesota’s Proposed Amendments May Offer Insight To The Country

An interesting discussion is happening in Minnesota this election season, as voters will have to decide on two key issues. Gay marriage, and a voter identification. Before I go any further let me share with you the exact verbage that

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2012: Voting May Seem Meaningless, But Never Is

The single most asked question this election season just may be: “Does it really matter if I vote?” Whether the question arises because of individuals feeling that they cannot make a difference or because of the huge similarity between Obama and Romney, the

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The Fundamental Flaw Of Sugary Drink Taxes

Ever think you are being taxed too much? I know the feeling, as does everybody I’m sure. One of the most ludicrous taxes out there is the tax on sugary drinks. A tax like this one has been proposed in

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Forcing Our Hand: The Illusion of Choice

After watching the first presidential debate, I have to wonder how much more substance and depth a third party candidate would have added to the general conversation. Let’s be honest, there really isn’t a whole lot of substantive differences between

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The Odd Couple: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

The last few days have been filled with a renewed sense of hope and pride for the Republican Presidential campaign. Paul Ryan has sent a jolt of enthusiasm right through the heart of the Republican base. Romney’s rallies have seen

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