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A Brief Note On Online Dating

For those of you who are using the internet to find your next love interest or sexual partner, take a few pointers from me first. As someone who turned to online dating after being in a very long-term relationship, I

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The Productive Guide to Reddit

Is it just me, or is Reddit becoming the next big internet time-waster? Either that or the world’s largest porn dump. Remember the days when Reddit was chalk full of great subreddits and submissions? Okay, maybe Reddit has never been

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Choosing A College: All Things Considered

College is now seen as a crucial stepping stone in life for anyone who wants to be¬†successful. It’s looked at as a natural step after high school that nearly everyone with a high school diploma should willingly take. Well, if

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World Of Tanks: The Best Tanks Tiers 1-5

Disclaimer: This is in no way an expert guide. Yes, some of these choices are actually up for discussion. But, these are the tanks I prefer and have had the most success with. Tier 1: The MS-1. Hands down winner

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Earn Money With Teachers Pay Teachers

There are many legitimate ways to make money on the internet. Setting up niche websites, freelancing, making it big on you tube, and blogging are all viable options. But one you probably have never heard of is Teachers Pay Teachers, a

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Using Google AdSense On Your WordPress Site (With No Coding)

Today, a lot of people are trying to generate some income through their websites. Most people know about Google AdSense, as its been around for quite some time and is relatively easy to use. I’ve been using it for a

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