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All Aboard The Shadows of Mordor Hype Train

I haven’t paid full price for a video game in over four years. It may even be longer, but ever since life has become busier and money tighter, I’ve mostly resorted to splurging on Steam Sales and snagging Humble Bundles.

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Netflix: Best Tv Shows To Watch

Any Netflix addicts out there will relate with the feeling of emptiness when finishing a Tv series and having nothing lined up to replace it. Netflix features a variety of solid Tv shows, a lot are pretty well-known, some you

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A Brief Note On Online Dating

For those of you who are using the internet to find your next love interest or sexual partner, take a few pointers from me first. As someone who turned to online dating after being in a very long-term relationship, I

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The Hobbit: Why You Should Be Excited

December 14th, 2012. A day that will go down in LOTR infamy. The Hobbit Part 1 will be here at last. The single best indicator that The Hobbit will be just as spectacular as the LOTR is the director, Peter

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World Of Tanks: The Best Tanks Tiers 1-5

Disclaimer: This is in no way an expert guide. Yes, some of these choices are actually up for discussion. But, these are the tanks I prefer and have had the most success with. Tier 1: The MS-1. Hands down winner

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The Best Free Games Out There

Gaming is expensive these days. I can remember buying a new n64 game for a mere $30. Now you have to drop nearly 60 bones to play the latest and greatest. For people who are looking for some cheap fun,

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The Weirdest Match Up In World Of Tanks Ever

The only games I really play right now are Call Of Duty UO (yes, that game is like a billion years old) and World of Tanks. Now, I haven’t played World of Tanks for too terribly long, but the game

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