Electrical Engineering

Its a question I had to ask myself when choosing Electrical Engineering as my major. I came into college as an “Engineering Undecided” major, and only had a semester to figure out which path I would take.

Electrical Engineering defined the 20th Century. From advanced power distribution to modern electronics to the home computer, electrical engineers have been the crusaders of technological advancement. Where would we be today without cheap available power? What electronic systems would we have without the development of the transistor? How are you reading this post?

Certainly, many fields contribute to technological advancements but I would argue that you almost cannot do anything without power and systems that have been developed by electrical engineers.

Even if you are not particularly interested in this field, you should understand the basics.

Every college student should understand the physics behind basic electrical phenomena and the basic circuit element. Every college student should understand why we have AC power and not DC. And you will, if you follow these free resources.

Please enjoy studying my field of choice, electrical engineering!