What To Expect From The First Presidential Debate

Folks, its almost upon us.

Next Wednesday night will mark the beginning of the end of this election cycle. With a little over a month left, these debates could have a crucial impact on the race, and who wins in November.

But what can we really expect from the debate on Wednesday night. Not much. I’m expecting quite a one-sided performance. Romney is no public speaker in comparison to Barack Obama, and Obama has proven that he can verbally eviscerate his opponents with ease. But besides the one-sided contest, I do not expect to see much substance from any of these debates. How can Romney even mention Obamacare when he crafted the miniature predecessor to this in Massachusetts? How can either candidate debate foreign policy when they share the same ideas? These candidates are too similar to have a groundbreaking debate. All we will hear is a regurgitation of what the media has been saying for five months.

And to be honest, I expect these debates to be the nail in the coffin for Romney. He is an awkward speaker who cannot articulate his personal beliefs (the ones that change every election cycle). Its perfectly clear from the polls and general public opinion that Romney has failed to connect with the American people, particularly the middle class.

What if we included the third party candidates on the stage? Why shouldn’t they get  chance? Gary Johnson would add a much needed dimension to the race, a dimension that screams anti-establishment. Until the American people start looking at parties other than the Democratic and Republican ones, we will continue on the same general path. Lies, deceit, and relatively little change from administration to administration.

I urge everyone to watch the upcoming presidential debates and ask yourself: “Are there really that many differences between these two?”

-Jack Balt

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